How to post a top quality ads with Germanads in Germany ?

1.Target Accurately You know your target audiences, don’t you? So, make use of the opportunity mostly to reach in particular who you want. Select your target audiences correctly. Opt for the “precise interest options” to get connected with people who share a specific interest analogous to your brand. You can even target fans of specific […]


Germany ads: Dimensions for Segmenting Consumer Markets

Dimensions for Segmenting Consumer Markets   As discussed earlier, people in consumer markets buy for their own, personal non-business use, thus segmentation dimensions for this type of market focus on the characteristics of the buyer. Four dimensions are traditionally used to segment consumer markets. These dimensions are:   demographic dimensions – demo’ means people, and […]


Learn Internet and New Consumer Processes in Germany ?

A consumer process is a collection of tasks or steps that a consumer goes through to achieve a goal, usually the satisfaction of a need. For example, the consumer process of buying a home may include visiting real estate agents, driving around neighborhood, obtaining a mortgage and homeowners insurance, and getting inspections. Most of the […]


The Seven Steps in the Marketing and advertising Process

  It is natural that people in different situations define marketing differently. However, we will approach the definition of marketing by first learning about the seven steps in the process of marketing. While this process is not always followed, it is important that any student of marketing understand what steps must be taken to be […]


German advertising ,Promotion Strategies In A Virtual Store-front

A virtual store-front represents the product display window of an online stores. It can be considered an extension of online advertisements, in which the advertiser offers to provide all details of the products on display and to complete the purchase transactions, if needed. Some of the advantages of the online shelf space are: Interactivity Unlimited […]


How to find and post jobs in Germany ?

Should you give up on your job posting? Definitely not. There isn’t a better way to quickly and inexpensively attract top talent. Follow these simple strategies to improve the quality of responses you receive and decrease your time to hire. Be Specific A quick job search turns up mostly short job postings with no clear definition of […]


Extensions of Paid Search in Germany

Encouraged by the success of AdWords, their paid search program, Google soon after launched AdSense, which extended pay-per-click search listings beyond search to the web as a whole. Any publisher, large or small, could partner with Google to provide advertising for their pages. Google would display the same advertisements used in their search listings, in […]


The Early Days of Online Advertising in Germany

In the earliest days of the World Wide Web, advertising was one of the first revenue models adopted for use in the new medium in germany. The implementation and understanding was directly adopted from traditional offline media. Advertising was almost exclusively sold in a CPM model, with little understanding or use of some of the […]


Online classifieds advertising and ads models in Germany

unlike the early era, today germany online advertising is growing super fast. Milions of online users searching, posting their products, services via internet. here is a best chance to advertise your products or services with in and around berlin, hamburg, munich, frankfurt, etc in germany.. Advertising Advertising is so widely used because it satisfies […]


Types Of Internet Advertisements can be used in Germany

An Internet advertisement is typically placed on the Web page of a Web site. (Novak et al., 1996) classify Web advertisement sites into three major categories: (1) sponsored content site such as Hotwired and ZD Net, (2) sponsored search agents and directories such as Yahoo!, Excite and InfoSeek, and (3) entry portal sites such as […]