How to post a top quality ads with Germanads in Germany ?

1.Target Accurately

You know your target audiences, don’t you?

So, make use of the opportunity mostly to reach in particular who you want.

Select your target audiences correctly. Opt for the “precise interest options” to get connected with people who share a specific interest analogous to your brand.

You can even target fans of specific Facebook pages whose fan base might be closely associated with your product or service.

2. Use effective title

Always try to use the best keywords, simple letters and at least 60 characters .It will rank on google and show your ads to thousands of customers in Germany and the other countries.

3. Best descriptions

under your product or service description, you will have to clearly describe what you are offering to your customers. Also it should be unique. DOnt use the description for different sites.

2. Expand Your Base

Promote your post so that it stays longer and lives longer in the feeds of all your fans.

What’s more, it reaches the friends of your fans and all your non-fans.

Promoting is very vital because not all your prospects are your fans yet.

3. Focus on Keywords

While making images make sure you have target keywords that enhances your visibility and appearance.

Make use of the related words as close as possible. It will give you an edge against your competitors and rivals.

7. Split Test Your Ads

Take advantage of the full Facebook Power Editor to easily duplicate your Facebook ads and test variations of your original ad.

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