Month: March 2016

Germany ads: Dimensions for Segmenting Consumer Markets

Dimensions for Segmenting Consumer Markets   As discussed earlier, people in consumer markets buy for their own, personal non-business use, thus segmentation dimensions for this type of market focus on the characteristics of the buyer. Four dimensions are traditionally used to segment consumer markets. These dimensions are:   demographic dimensions – demo’ means people, and […]


Learn Internet and New Consumer Processes in Germany ?

A consumer process is a collection of tasks or steps that a consumer goes through to achieve a goal, usually the satisfaction of a need. For example, the consumer process of buying a home may include visiting real estate agents, driving around neighborhood, obtaining a mortgage and homeowners insurance, and getting inspections. Most of the […]


The Seven Steps in the Marketing and advertising Process

  It is natural that people in different situations define marketing differently. However, we will approach the definition of marketing by first learning about the seven steps in the process of marketing. While this process is not always followed, it is important that any student of marketing understand what steps must be taken to be […]