Evolution of advertising and marketing practices Today, people receive an ever-increasing number of commercial messages disseminated in a systematic and integrated manner across multiple media, in the public and private spheres, in physical and digital spaces. While varying from one country to another, the level of commercial advertising seems to be on the rise everywhere, […]

2016-17 Werbe-Websites oder Kleinanzeigen Websites für Deutschland. Eine umfassende Liste oder Zusammenstellung von deutschen Kleinanzeigen-Websites, die kostenlose Werbemöglichkeiten für Werbetreibende, Werbeplakate, Vermarkter, Unternehmen-Service-Besitzer bieten. Online-Werbung in Deutschland über die Veröffentlichung von Kleinanzeigen.   Deutschland Regional Browsing * Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen in Baden-Württemberg * Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen in Bayern * Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen in Berlin * Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen in […]

Time is a scarce and precious resource. Marketers need to keep that fundamental premise in mind when creating a print ad. Readers will decide in a second or two – or perhaps even a split second – whether or not an ad is worth their time. After all, there are 100 more pages to go […]

It is important that business owners understand the basics of writing a good advertisement. All businesses need promotion. I have seen thousands and millions of dollars wasted on ineffective, poor or outright bad ads—and I want to save you that pain. But most importantly, I want you to expand your business and effective advertising in […]

CRM activities such as automated record-keeping identify previous issues and potential new services as part of a relationship management strategy. As a small-business owner, you work hard to get new customers, and once they walk in the door, you should do everything you can to make sure they return. Relationship marketing and customer relationship management […]

Advertising is both an art and a science.  The art comes from writing, designing and producing exciting messages.  The science comes from strategic thinking. Strategic Planning – is the process of determining objectives (what you want to accomplish, your destination) deciding on strategies (how to accomplish objectives, the route to the destination) and implementing the […]

Dimensions for Segmenting Consumer Markets   As discussed earlier, people in consumer markets buy for their own, personal non-business use, thus segmentation dimensions for this type of market focus on the characteristics of the buyer. Four dimensions are traditionally used to segment consumer markets. These dimensions are:   demographic dimensions – demo’ means people, and […]

  It is natural that people in different situations define marketing differently. However, we will approach the definition of marketing by first learning about the seven steps in the process of marketing. While this process is not always followed, it is important that any student of marketing understand what steps must be taken to be […]